that when an influencer’s authentic voice and spirit shine through in their content the audience listens. And takes action.

That’s why we think of our INFLUENCERS as our partners. It’s a win for everyone.

Key Vertical Coverage

We’ve got powerful publishing relationships with the top influencers in all leading content categories and verticals.

FM has always been a pioneer in content marketing, teaming up with the web’s most beloved influencers. Our reach continues to grow from traditional bloggers to include creators across all major platforms, including YouTube, Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, and more.

Here’s why our premium INFLUENCERS love us:


They choose which brands to work with and the campaigns they participate in.


They’re marketed in the company of some of the best influencers on the web.


They work with the world’s top companies whose brands are loved and trusted.


They know the details of every campaign up front and without question.


They get guided, one-on-one assistance from launch to completion, including best practices, tried-and-true campaign ideas, and more.

There are two kinds of INFLUENCERS who work with FM.

You’re an established blogger or social media maven. You’ve already cultivated a large and loyal audience. Great. While working with us you can maintain that independent spirit to connect your audience with its favorite brands.Apply

You’re just starting out. Or maybe you have a blog that’s more of a passionate hobby than a “quit your job” business. Step right up and join an enthusiastic community of bloggers whose content is featured on our three curated DailyBuzz sites, covering food, moms, and style. Your content will be distributed to a mass audience and you’ll be able to explore more opportunities to participate in select brand campaigns.Apply